Programs/ Services


  • LGBT Youth Drop In Center.
  • Counseling and Case Management.
  • Financial Literacy workshops in partnership with TD Bank – Learn how to manage your money and open an account with one of the account professionals at TD Bank.
  • Project R.E.A.L. – 6 week curriculum based workshop to assist transgender men in a healthy transition. We will discuss HRT, comprehensive health care, mental wellness, stigma, body issues, sexual orientation/ expression, and navigating relationships (both platonic and romantic).  OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR THE NEXT CYCLE!
  • Haus of Code – 6 month computer coding class in which young adults are taught computer languages. Participants are required to have some basic computer knowledge, be between 16 and 26 years of age, and be able to dedicate 2 evenings a week, for 3 hours per evening. This course is free and will cover all materials and transportation. Job placement is available to those who successfully complete the program. OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR THE NEXT CYCLE.
  • Comprehensive Transgender Health Care – In partnership with the Cicero Program at the Montefiore Medical Center, we offer referrals to LGBT competent, sensitive medical providers who focus on comprehensive medical care for the transgender community. Our providers can offer: silicon removal, annual preventative screens, letters of support for surgery, and more.
  • Free Monthly Legal Clinic and Services – In partnership with the LGBT Law Project, we offer free legal services for low-income LGBT people in New York City. Services include orders of protection, custody and visitation, second parent adoption, public benefits, housing matters, legal support for crime victims, divorce, advanced directives and wills, homeless shelter advocacy, employment matters, legal name changes, and gender marker changes. The free legal clinic is held every fourth Thursday of each month.

Support Groups

  • Paths to Transgender Identification – This group will explore the diversity within the transgender community, giving voice to each person’s experience while celebrating the journey participants have embarked on in order to live in their truth. This is an open group for transgender people of all ages.
  • Under 30 and Making Moves – This group is about progression, coping with life, and overcoming barriers. We will explore effective coping skills and strategies that will assist in setting priorities and goals. Participants will be able to set goals, identify triggers, and develop ways to overcome barriers. This group is for young adults who have not yet reached their 30th birthday.
  • Doing Better, Feeling Better, Being Better – This is an empowerment group which will address basic but necessary skills to enhance normal adolescent development. This group is an open space for LGBT youth ages 13 through 24.

Capacity Building

In addition to direct services for Bronx based LGBTQ community members, Destination Tomorrow also offers an array of interactive workshops that draw on lived experiences to assist service providers and companies in understanding the barriers to coming out and living as LGBTQ. Workshops are lead by LGBTQ trainers who have experienced many of the barriers in which the trainings were designed to address.

  • LGBTQ 101 – This training is a basic course in understanding the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.  We discuss each community, their unique needs, and how to design programs to meet those needs.
  • Effective engagement of the LGBTQ community – This training explores how to provide outreach to the LGBTQ community, and, once engaged, how to retain them in your program.
  • Trans 101 – This training is a basic course in dealing with and understanding the Transgender community.  We will cover correct pronouns, Trans inclusive policies, and gender identity as opposed to sexual orientation.
  • Being Gay and Transgender: Exploring the Fluidity of Sexual Orientation – This workshop explores the diversity within the Transgender community. We will discuss how to be respectful of gay and bisexual Transgender individuals, and gender nonconforming individuals.