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DESTINATION TOMORROW Calls on the Trump Administration to Renounce the decision to Ban Transgender individuals from serving in the Military.



JULY 26, 2017



Bronx, NY - Destination Tomorrow stands firmly against President Trump's most recent announcement to ban transgender persons from entering and serving in the United States Military.

The decision does not prove to be beneficial to citizens in any way and is archaic as well as unacceptable. With approximately 15,000 transgender service members, the ban only proves to be a loss.


This action is an overall setback for a country such as the U.S. It is a replay of the many prejudices the country has fought to overcome over time, and does not show the Trump administration's willingness to continue to move forward. An individual's ability to serve in the military should not be based on gender or other such differences but rather intelligence, talent, and their ability to commit, and serve the country wholeheartedly.


As a safe haven service to the LGBT community, Destination Tomorrow requests that the Trump Administration renounces this decision in order to keep the US on the path to ensuring equal rights for all transgender people.



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