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In light of the current climate due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has been necessary to make some changes to how we engage participants.

Destination Tomorrow: The Bronx LGBTQ Center, stays committed to our values that  dynamic community conversations happen in spaces carved for us by us.  Please feel free to browse the our brand new Cyber Services”  below and click on the group and/or services that is right for you 🙂  

LGBTQ+ Youth 16-24yrs

Click here to join “Talk About My Skin” is a discussion forum for young individuals of all shades of color & race to communicate how we, as a nation, can move forward with the ideal of co-existing in harmony amongst different backgrounds & upbringings. Within this group we will begin with hot conversational topics that will stimulate the participants to share their thoughts & feelings of today’s climate. From this process of sharing, we will grow into definite resource-forming individuals. The young leaders will be developing concrete ways to initiate endeavors that will build harmonious communities within the intersectional human race
Meetings occur on Tuesdays 4pm EST


Click here for “Picking Up the Pieces” an open to all once a month discussion group. Here we discuss an array of topics from current events, pop culture, and community concerns.
Meetings occur 1st Friday of the month
5:30pm EST

Women of Trans-Experiance 18Yrs+

Click here to join “Girls Group” A discussion group for women of Trans- Experience and their Cis-Gender allies. Ladies come join as we talk about issues and concerns that have come up for us during quarantine and create a network of sisterhood and comradery.

Meetings occur biweekly on Thursdays
5:30pm EST

Young Men Ages 17 to 28 Yrs

Enroll in Keep it Up! A really cool and innovative virtual space for same gender loving young men. Learn about the issues affecting your community as it pertains to sexual health and risk reduction while at the same time playing so really cool games online you may be eligible for some really cool prizes! To enroll of find out more information please email us at

Individuals of Trans- Masculine Experience 18YRS+

Click here to Join MASC!
This is a free virtual support space for people who identify with the trans masculine experience. Trans men, trans masculine people, AFAB people and those that are questioning are all welcome to attend. This space is meant to serve in the development of empowerment of self and community through the engagement in meaningful conversations, community support through peer & social connections and by providing the appropriate resources to its attendees. This is a welcoming and affirming space, intolerance of any kind will not be permitted. 

Meetings occur the Last Sunday of every month @6pm EST. 

LGBTQIA+ Youth 16-24yrs

COMMING SOON in 2021! Let’s Game together on TWITCH! we will be hosting weekly gaming groups on some of your favorite games like Overwatch, Among Us, and Smash Bros 

CLICK here for Virtual GED Program Info
TD Bank Pride

TD Bank Pride

BRONX, New York (WABC) -- 1.6 million young people are homeless in the United States every year... 40% of them identify as LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer). "I was living in the streets out here in the Bronx - I was kicked out of my family house in...

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Sean Coleman – Cheddar

Sean Coleman – Cheddar

Sean Coleman, executive director for Destination Tomorrow, and Steve Garibell, Vice President of LGBTQ+ Business Development at TD Bank, joins Cheddar to discuss bringing financial literacy, GED programs, and job readiness to the LGBTQ+ community in the Bronx.

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New York Times – Pride Article

New York Times – Pride Article

  By Rick Rojas Shyloh Mugler Curet’s home, a Bronx apartment she shares with her 83-year-old grandmother, has not always felt like one. She faced rejection from her family when she came out as gay. “Keep it to yourself,” some relatives told her. Several years...

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Destination Tomorrow Press Release

Destination Tomorrow Press Release

Press Release     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sean Coleman, Destination Tomorrow, Executive Director Contact number: 718-288-2677 Email Email:   DESTINATION TOMORROW, TO OPEN THE BRONX LGBTQ CENTER Bronx, New York (August 15, 2018) – Destination...

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